CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions is the market leader in ART media with strong heritage provided by ORIGIO, SAGE and LifeGlobal

We bring these three well-established brands together under the unifying principle philosophy of our culture portfolio, which is to support you in maximizing success rates in your clinic by developing and manufacturing ART media of the highest quality.

Quality you can rely on

Our certified, state-of-the-art production facilities follow the highest quality and regulatory standards to ensure consistent quality and low batch-to-batch variation. We listen to customer insights and work closely with industry experts around the world to ensure that our media can support your preferred protocol, whatever that may be.

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Collection and Manipulation



Cryopreservation Media for IVF Procedures

Culture Oils

Arya Royan Teb Vision

Our Vision: Improvement of pregnancy rate and better services to both professionals and patients, As we grow, other specialized lines will be added, according markets demand, We shall be looking forward to service you and our collaboration.