Culture Media with GM-CSF

Culture Media with GM-CSF

Unique culture media for poor prognosis patients

SAGE® 1-Step™ GM-CSF, EmbryoGen® and BlastGen™ and make up the first culture media suite containing the recombinant human cytokine Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor (GM-CSF)

• Embryo−endometrial communication is key to successful pregnancy

• Cytokines play a critical role in driving this communication

• Culture media supplemented the GM-CSF has a positive effect on implantation and pregnancy rates

• Our innovative culture media suite offers GM-CSF solutions for both continuous and sequential embryo culture protocols.

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Order Codes
Reference Description Size Shelf Life Guarantee*
12062003 EmbryoGen & BlastGen 2x 3 ml Minimum 8 weeks
12040003 EmbryoGen 3 ml Minimum 8 weeks
12050003 BlastGen 3 ml Minimum 8 weeks
77010003 SAGE 1-Step GM-CSF, with HSA and phenol red 3 ml Minimum 8 weeks
77020003 SAGE 1-Step GM-CSF, with SPS and phenol red 3 ml Minimum 8 weeks

*Minimum time to expiry (from date of shipment from Denmark)

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Our Vision: Improvement of pregnancy rate and better services to both professionals and patients, As we grow, other specialized lines will be added, according markets demand, We shall be looking forward to service you and our collaboration.