For cryoprotection of human sperm without the use of proteins
CryoSperm from ORIGIO is for freezing of human spermatozoa and is developed to maximize sperm survival and to maintain DNA integrity and function after cryopreservation.
CryoSpermâ„¢ is a ready-to-use, HSA-free sperm freezing medium using a blend of glycerol and raffinose as cryoprotectants. The medium is free of any proteins and components of animal origin
. L-Glutamine is added to provide energy nutrition for the spermatozoa, to improve the post thaw total and progressive motility and velocity as well as the fertilizing ability of spermatozoa.
. Glycine is added to improve the post-thaw sperm motility, membrane and acrosome integrity.
. Taurine is an important antioxidant added to prevent the formation of reactive oxygen species and reduce DNA damage.

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11010010 CryoSperm 10 ml Minimum 12 weeks

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