Wallace® Classic

Wallace® Classic

Embryo Transfer Catheters

Our Classic range offers a soft-profiled tip associated with some of the highest pregnancy rates across the world

Key Features

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Product Specifications
Inner catheter inner diameter 0.76mm ID
Inner catheter outer diameter 1.52mm OD
Outer sheath outer diameter 2.3mm OD
Volume of catheter not including hub
(18cm catheter)
0.081ml (81µl)
Volume of catheter not including hub
(23cm catheter)
0.104ml (104µl)
Volume per cm length of catheter 0.0045ml (4.5µl)
Suggested loading volume 0.5 to 1cm = 2.25 to 4.5µl
Stylet OD 1.52mm OD
Stylet protrusion from outer sheath 2.0mm
Order Codes
Reference Description
1816 Soft 18cm Classic – Quantity: 10
1816N Soft 23cm Classic – Quantity: 10
1816S Intermediate 18cm Classic – Quantity: 10
2316 Intermediate 23cm Classic – Quantity: 10

Arya Royan Teb Vision

Our Vision: Improvement of pregnancy rate and better services to both professionals and patients, As we grow, other specialized lines will be added, according markets demand, We shall be looking forward to service you and our collaboration.