PICSI Dish for Sperm Selection

PICSI Dish for Sperm Selection

The PICSI® dish with Hyaluronan microdots for easy sperm selection the embryo to hatch.

The PICSI® dish is based on research documenting that mature and structurally sound sperm will bind to hyaluronan.

Sperm is added to the dot of hyaluronan and within minutes the bound sperm are attached by their acrosome to the surface of the dot. Selecting an individual bound sperm with enhanced genetic and developmental integrity ensures that the sperm selected is the optimal sperm from the sample.

For sperm with poor binding capability as measured on the HBA slide, a significant decrease in miscarriage rate may result when the PICSI® dish is used to identify the bound sperm for ICSI

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BCT-PICSI-20 20 PICSI dishes, individually packaged, sterile

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